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Hello everyone, we are here with a new amazing mod menu app that helps to indicate and solve your problems on your phone. This app is under the name of “NP Modz” and “Nautro PH Modz” You can easily get this APK file from our site along with much more information. For getting more about this post stay with us to explore its features.

This is the latest app that will allow players to find most of the functional features for free. ML is the most powerful fighting game of the new era. In this game, the player has to defeat 49 other opponent players to win the position. The competition between the players is so restless and it is not easy to win but it requires a lot of attention and patience unit the game is over.

It is difficult to win without following the rules, if you want to be a perfect player you have to follow all the rules of the game. Among the young generation, many of them want to become a pro player then we have an app for you that is NP Modz, you don’t need to overthink on download it is a hundred percent safe and secure.

What is an NP Modz?

It is an Android app that gives free access to all the premium features it was developed by Naruto Ph. It is an amazingly modified version of mobile legends which is full of items that a player wants in their game.  Having these all items in their phone, the player can defeat the enemies without loss of much time and become a number one player effortlessly.

Furthermore, it has harmful viruses or bugs which are harmful to your devices so without fear you can use it and enjoy its amazing features and their cheats.

Safety Precautions of the app:

For using this app and increasing the risk follow the following steps.

  • Use any real app and make a fake account then apply this app on it. It will decrease the risk of any ban.
  • Use only one feature at a time; don’t get too excited while playing.
  • Multiple features will excite the opponent and at the last of battle will report him to authorities.
  • Play like an ordinary player and be a good player.

Key features of NP Modz Apk:

This Modz is full of amazing features that will ensure the player downloads immediately. These features are


This tool improves the targeting skills and enhances the other services like

  • Aim scope
  • Aim crouch
  • Aim Fav 360
  • Aim spot,1,2,3
  • Aim distance
  • Auto Aim

ESP Tricks

Extrasensory perception (ESP) helps in making a killing strategy time.

  • ESP info
  • ESP fire
  • ESP Grenada
  • Car Features
  • Work All-Mode Features
  • Map icon
  • Radar no Icon
  • Fix Grass
  • Drone View
  • Spam Chat
  • ESP hero Lock
  • Max Emblem
  • Custom features of NP Modz
  • Unlock all skin and upcoming
  • No Skill Cd
  • Wall
  • Night Mode
  • ML skins
  • Password
  • Ghost Mode
  • Cham Mode
  • Wall stone

How to use NP Modz App?

  1. First of all, download this app on your Android device.
  2. Storage>android> data.
  3. Rename it to.
  4. After installing the app.
  5. Once the Modz app is installed.
  6.  Now go back to Android>Data>and rename it.
  7. Now open Modz and log in to play the game.
  8. After that, click on the Get Key button and a new window will open.
  9. Now, you can install the ML mod and enjoy the features.


So in a nutshell using NP Modz PH, players will not need to feel fear while standing against their enemies. This tool will provide amazing features that help to beat the opponent Furthermore it provides great victory for players and become the number one pro player on their squad.

App nameNP Modz
Size152.95 MB

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