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We know that most users demand premium features for their FF battle for free. For this players must have spent money on the game then they can achieve it successfully. But most players want these features without any money. So today this post is for those who want to get Free items. Actually, we are introducing such an outclass app which is BLRX Bot Server Pro. Yes, it has large quantities of paid features that are free of cost. So if you need this app get it on your mobile.

When you get this app on your Android you will be able to unlock all premium features without any cost. Such as players can get auto headshots, All players’ ESPs, Several Accurate Ranges, and find all invisible items like shotguns, snipers, Enemy + Gloo wall.

Similarly, we know that noob and beginners gamers are donned not easily compete with any pro players. The main reason is that noobs and beginners lack skills and other necessary features as compared to pro players. Besides one thing is more these pro players very rich and they purchase strong features for their own games and make stable gameplay. But the other side’s noobs players are poor and they are not affordable to purchase such expensive items.

So they demand daily for freeway so that without any hassle they get these features and it also makes stable gameplay. According to noobs demanding the BLRX Bot Server Pro provide all paid advantages without taking a single pie. The app supplies free coins and diamonds which pay for the game and in return purchase powerful features.

What is BLRX Bot Server Pro Mod FF?

BLRX Bot Server Pro is a brand mod menu software that is designed specifically for modifying the FF game. This notable Injector is compatible with all Android devices and as well it supports non-rooted and rooted mobiles. The app size is lightweight and does not need any large storage. No doubt, it works properly and does not contain any harmful bugs or viruses that will affect your game account. Without any worry, you can enjoy its fabulous services and beat more and more enemies with less effort.

Similarly, the main variants of the app are Aimbot and Modernize Weapons. If you are such a great lover of FF then you will be aware of these both features. Yes if any players have these features then they will never disappointed with their gameplay.

Because these both control all games and help to reach the winning position. Like if you have well-targeting skills you can aim accurately at the enemy’s head without any hassle and beat them. And secondly, if you have modern weapons, you will never leave your gun with you. Because some players don’t have weapons due to which they start to fire in front of the enemy, then their gun doesn’t work and the other player defeat them and wins the game.

Furthermore, another plus part of it is an anti-ban application which means this feature will reduce banned chances. As well it has a very handy user interface which helps to how to use its features in the game and how to run this app. So we recommend this mod menu for you. Use the BLRX Bot Server Pro in battle and gain favorable outcomes.

Features of BLRX Bot Server Pro APK:

If you search most dominant tool on Google. So, don’t go anywhere. The BLRX Bot Server Pro has come to you today by itself. It has all the problems and solutions. You just keep reading of its abilities which we mentioned below. 

Aimbot Menu:

Using this menu players upgrade their aim skills. It has inbuilt items such as.

  • Aimbot Fire
  • Headshot 
  • Body shot
  • Crouch Aim
  • Antenna 
  • Scope Aim 

All ESP Menu:

Now players will eliminate their opposite through walls bankers and other invisible places. It has some items which help you such as.

  • Name Esp
  • Random
  • Line ESP
  • Fire
  • Esp Crosshair


While players use this feature they will find all the important things which require in the battleground. 

  • Gloo Wall
  • Medkit 
  • MP40
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper
  • FF coins

Drone View:

Using this feature gamers can examine the whole corners of the battleground and easily find invisible enemies.

  • 2x to 8X
  • Vertical and horizontal ranges

Other tips:

  • Run in Water
  • 100% Anti-Ban
  • Free to error
  • Ads blocked
  • No password
  • Easy to use


In the end, we will talk about its legality. In reality, this is an unofficial app that is illegal to use in-game. With the increasing competition in the FF battle, the developer made these types of tools so that players can achieve higher ranks in-game and beat all players. So keeping these things in mind if you want to download the BLRX Bot Server Pro then welcome.

App nameBLRX Bot Server
Size57.70 MB

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